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911 Emergency calls

Latest News   ·   September 23, 2014



911 EMERGENCY calls placed from CELL PHONES

Citizens must be aware that Cell phones are the least reliable means to get a definitive location from the caller.

911 location information provided by different mobile phone carriers is very limited and can vary depending on conditions such as the weather. Mobile phone location is never guaranteed and may only display the tower that received the phone call which may be in a completely different jurisdiction.

If you use a cell phone for a 911 EMERGENCY-

Provide the most accurate information possible to include:
Nature of the emergency
Definitive address with number, street name and what city, village or township the emergency is located.
Name of caller and phone number of caller so that dispatch can contact you in case of trouble by first responders in locating the emergency.

The call taker may have additional questions to ask to gain more information or provide assistance to the caller for their emergency.

Failure to provide correct address/ location information may result in an unnecessary lengthy delay in arrival of first responders.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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