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Don’t Damage Your Drains

Departments and Services, Latest News   ·   March 31, 2020

CAUTION!  What you flush could be causing damage to your drains.

The City of Germantown is reminding everyone that there are a number of products that should NEVER be flushed down the toilet.

The health and safety of our customers is on our minds at all times, now even more than ever.   As heightened disinfection is recommended and critical to our wellbeing, please know that wipes, feminine hygiene and other gauze like products should NEVER be flushed, even if they are labeled as flushable!  Doing so leads to plugged pumps, disruption of service and ultimately increased cost to homeowners.

Please be mindful of what you flush and when in doubt, throw it out, maintain the drain and do not flush!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Tax Deadline Extended

Government, Residents   ·   March 31, 2020

Germantown City Tax Filing Deadline
Extended to July 15, 2020

The filing and payment due date for individuals and calendar year net
profit filers for tax year 2019 has been extended to July 15, 2020.
Additionally, the 2020 first and second quarter estimate due dates are
now both on July 15, 2020.

All tax returns must be submitted to CCA – Division of Taxation for
processing. Please direct questions to CCA @ (216) 664-2070

A Letter to the Citizens from the Mayor

Latest News, Residents   ·   March 27, 2020

Click HERE to read a message to Germantown Citizens from the Mayor.

2020 Census Workers Needed

Economic Development, Residents   ·   March 27, 2020


The 2020 Census is in need of workers CLICK HERE for additional details

Germantown Residents and Business Members

Government, Latest News, Residents   ·   March 19, 2020

Germantown Residents and Business Members

As we face one of the most challenging times as a result of the coronavirus, the City of Germantown Mayor, City Council and staff want to ensure the community we are working diligently with Federal, State and local leaders to protect the health and safety of everyone. During this time, we all need to work together to listen and follow the procedures provided by the many experts to delay and minimize the number of coronavirus cases throughout the U.S. and in Ohio.

The City of Germantown leaders have made the administrative decisions to help our residents to remain safe.
1. Effective March 18, the Germantown City Hall, Police Department and Fire Department offices are staffed but closed to visitors. Within the Germantown offices, staff are appropriately spaced to avoid contact and minimize exchange of germs.
2. The Police and Fire Department are staffed to continue to provide quality services. However, please call 911 for emergency purposes. Please contact your health provider for questions regarding health-related symptoms and if you should be tested for the coronavirus.
3. All public rental facilities offered by the City will be unavailable for the months of March and April.
Germantown residents can also help during these trying times by supporting our local businesses. Our numerous restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theater have been greatly impacted by State closure orders and limitations on the number of people who can gather. To assist the businesses impacted consider the following:
1. Shop local businesses for food and supplies.
2. Contact local restaurant for carry out services.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Germantown City Hall at 937-855-7255 if you have questions or suggestions. Also visit the City of Germantown website for updates as additional information is learned.

Use of Weber Soccer Complex

Parks and Recreation, Residents   ·   March 19, 2020

To All:

The Southwest Soccer Club (SWSC) uses the equipment of VVYSA (Rec League) at the Weber Complex during the spring. The Miami Valley Youth Soccer Association (MVYSA) schedules their games during the spring.

The MVYSA has postponed all games until April 17, 2020, at the earliest. I will be notified by the MVYSA of any other changes to this schedule. I will forward this information to the City of Germantown at that time.

Tom Geglein
Valley View Youth Soccer Association

Statewide Tornado Drill

Uncategorized   ·   March 19, 2020

The City is no longer participating in the Statewide Tornado Drill

State Wide Tornado Drill

As we get closer to Spring and severe weather please share this information:
The Regional Dispatch Center is having a Statewide Tornado Drill:
March 25, 2020 at 9:50 a.m.

Coronavirus Situation Report 03/17/20

Government, Latest News, Residents   ·   March 19, 2020


Please Click HERE for the most recent Montgomery County Public Health Situation Report

Farmers Market Promotions Program

Latest News, Residents   ·   March 19, 2020

“The Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) funds projects that develop, coordinate and expand direct producer-to-consumer markets to help increase access to and availability of locally and regionally produced agricultural products by developing, coordinating, expanding, and providing outreach, training, and technical assistance to domestic farmers markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture programs, agritourism activities, online sales or other direct producer-to-consumer (including direct producer-to-retail, direct producer-to-restaurant and direct producer-to-institutional marketing) market opportunities. A 25% match is required.”

City Hall Closing

Departments and Services, Residents   ·   March 18, 2020

We care about your health and the health of our employees, therefore the City Hall Lobby/Offices will be closed to the public beginning March 17, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. until further notice. City Staff will assist residents through the drive thru window, the drop box, via telephone at 937-855-7255 and by email

We appreciate your understanding during this time. Be safe and take care of you and your families.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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Stormwater Education & Outreach

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