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Latest News   ·   July 21, 2014

Help DP&L Restore Your Electricity Safely and Quickly

Summertime storms cause DP&L customers to lose power and we want to restore it quickly and safely.  Listed are several things that can help crew and staff during an outage.


Keep in Touch

-Update your phone number at 800-433-8500.  DP&L may need to contact you.

-Call from the location that the power is out.

-Only make a second call if you know your power remains out.

-During a storm, please delay calling about non-emergency issues.

Checking it Out

-Make sure that you check your breakers-if the neighbors have power.

-If the interruption only last a few seconds-DP&L’s equipment will fix the problem but if it is out for a few minutes or longer please call DP&L.  Call DP&L if the flickering continues.

-Some repairs are not DP&L’s responsibility.  DP&L only maintains the service line to the house.  Any repairs to the equipment attached to the house is the owners responsibility and you may want to contact an electrician before DP&L can do any repairs.

When the Power is Out

-If reporting wires down please give the closest address and cross streets or landmark.

-DO NOT TOUCH DOWN WIRES-assume they are live.

-Please do not disturb the crews during an outage.  They need to concentrate on the their dangerous job.

-DP&L cannot remove trees and debris-call the city street department or a tree service.

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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