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Latest News   ·   August 31, 2017

Below is a letter recently received at the City Offices.


If you are traveling on 175 in Ohio you will miss this place. There is no exit to point the way. Some folks in Dayton and Cincinnati have never heard of this little city. Drive too fast on State route 4 you may think you saw it but the traffic light at the McDonalds only gives a hint of this Jewel of the Valley.

If you do slow down and take a little time, turn off route 4 and head into town you will find America at its best. Germantown established in 1804 holds on to the past and respects those that came before. You can see the evidence of this through all the Civil War (and prior) buildings marked with brass plaques to show their importance. If you walk the down town streets you will find shops and little restaurants alive with activity and people moving at a slow pace, enjoying each other’s company.

The little movie theater still has the original fixtures from the 1920s and has been family owned for over 30 years. Children line up on the street to watch the latest flicks and parents rest easy. Around the corner you can find a pub with outdoor seating and an old western style hotel that no longer rents· rooms but still has a fine restaurant. The streets are clean and the people take pride in their homes and yards. It is the type of small-town America that Norman Rockwell would have been inspired by.

The parks are large and complete with running trails, sports fields, swimming holes and even a Frisbee golf course! The community honors its veterans with Veteran’s Park and a Museum. Traditional values matter.

It is not perfect. People get sick and die. Crime still happens and drugs continue to try and push into this community. The Police and Fire Departments hold the blue/red line with professionalism and courage. These lines often meet with medics and polices officers working hand in hand to save lives and
counsel victims.

Come and visit Germantown and if you are lucky you will stay long enough to get to know it. You will hear people say hello and wave while church bells ring. Weddings with horse drawn carriages, people paddling down the creek are common place here. This is a special place and I will never forget the special officers and public servants that make this place home.

GE 142 PTL Joseph McGough

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How We Can Help

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