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Germantown is an equal opportunity employer.


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Position Title: Police Patrol Officer
The City of Germantown is announcing the hiring process to fill an opening in the Police Department. This is a Classified, Full Time (40 hours weekly) position, and includes an array of benefits including health & life insurance, Vacation, Personal, & Compensatory time off. Dental & vision insurance is available. The successful candidate must qualify for membership in the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund.

The City of Germantown will make reasonable accommodations to assist qualified persons with disabilities to apply for the position.

The City of Germantown is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Hourly Compensation Range: $22.98 to $28.21 (5 Yearly Steps To Max)
Contact Person: Terri Zimmerman, Support Services Coordinator @ 937 855 7271

Applications should be accompanied by a resume’, and will be accepted via email (preferred) at, OR via regular U.S. Mail, OR in person at the City of Germantown Safety Building, 75 North Walnut St., Germantown, OH 45327,
which is open MON through FRI, 8am to 4pm

Applications will be accepted until 4pm on April 30, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.


1. An applicant for an original appointment as a police officer shall be not less than twenty-one nor above thirty-five years of age;
2. Must have an Ohio Driver’s License;
3. Must be a High School graduate, or hold a G.E.D.;
4. Must not have a felony conviction of any type, nor any crime involving moral turpitude;
5. Must not have been convicted of Domestic Violence;
6. Must be presently certified as a Peace Officer by the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Council;
7. Must have at least six (6) months experience as an Ohio Peace Officer;
8. Legal right to work in the United States required, United States citizenship not required

The City of Germantown utilizes a Lateral Entry process for hiring Classified Full-Time Police Officers, the stages of which are identified as follows:

1. Review of Applications by the City Manager (or designee);

2. An Oral Review Board will interview qualified applicants;

3. Applicant(s) selected from this stage shall proceed on to the following stages as may be directed);

4. Successfully pass both a Pre & Post offer polygraph or CVSA exam;

5. Successfully pass a pre-employment background investigation;

6. Written Test;

7. Psychological Exam

8. Pre-Employment Physical Exam

Essential Functions, Position Description: Police Patrolman / Patrol Officer

A Patrol Officer patrols an assigned beat on foot, in patrol car, or on bicycle to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbance of peace, and arrest violators, in all seasons and weather conditions as follows:

• Working a variety of shifts as assigned;
• Performing security patrols, traffic control, investigation and assistance at traffic accidents, investigating crimes, and arresting suspects;
• Using own judgment in deciding course of action, being expected to handle difficult and emergency situations, occasionally without assistance.  Carries out duties in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.
• Patrols City streets, parks, commercial and residential areas to preserve the peace and enforce the law, control vehicular traffic, prevent, or detect and investigate misdemeanors, felony crimes, and other law violations, and to otherwise serve & protect the public;
• Responding to emergency radio calls, and investigating a wide variety of calls-for-service, taking appropriate law enforcement action;
• Interrogating / interviewing suspects, witnesses, and drivers, preserves evidence;
• Investigating and taking enforcement action on traffic law violations;
• Rendering assistance at traffic accident scenes, and arranging for support agencies to respond;
• Conducting follow-ups and investigations as is appropriate or assigned, develops leads and tips, questions persons, seeks out evidence, analyzes and evaluates information, evidence, and leads, arrests offenders
• Prepares a wide variety of accurate and complete reports regarding investigation, incidents, and arrests, prepares cases for court, and gives testimony
• Assists the public with problems and or concerns;
• Coordinates activities with other officers or departments as directed or needed, consults properly with Prosecuting Attorney, civil servants, and court officials regarding cases, policies, etc., as prudent or assigned;
• Interacts with Command personnel to coordinate activities, provide assistance, take direction and supervision, and act in harmony and cooperation with the goals and direction of the Department;
• Performs law enforcement/peace officer duties as appropriate and empowered, including handling calls-for-service, making arrests, issuing citations, conducting investigations, compiling criminal reports, etc;
• Other duties as assigned or needed

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

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