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GATV 5 (Government Access) Germantown Channel 5 
GATV 5 features a variety of informative programming for Centerville, Germantown, Miamisburg and West Carrollton. These programs include live coverage of all City council meetings, parades and festivals, news magazines, candidate shows and instructional/informational programs on a broad range of topics

Start times are subject to change due to the varying length of City council meetings and changes in the council’s own calendars.

Live and rebroadcast on Germantown 5.

Live Broadcast Recast Schedule
First Monday – 7PM
Third Mon – 7 PM
Following Wed at 4 PM
Following Thurs at 12 PM
Following Sun at 3 PM
Following Mon at 3 PM

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How We Can Help

<center>How We Can Help</center>

The Municipality of Germantown would like to have your input on new ideas and feedback on how we are doing. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Ohio Checkbook

<center>Ohio Checkbook</center>

Check out Germantown Spending by going to for a detailed financial report.

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Stormwater Education & Outreach

Stormwater Education & Outreach

Storm water runoff is...any water that is not soaked into the ground after a rain storm.

Consequently, storm water runoff can pick up pollutants while flowing into local streams and rivers. The Storm Water Management Program (SWMP), launched in 2003, is ODOT\'s inter-agency effort to control pollutants in storm water discharge.

 How you care for your lawn can affect your local waterways. Runoff, yard clippings, chemicals, where and what you plant are just some of the components that can create stormwater pollution.

Go to for healthy lawn care practices including pollution prevention.

For more ways to prevent stormwater pollution from your lawn, refer to: What You Can Do in Your Yard article below provided by the EPA.

Thank You for doing your part. 

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