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The City of Germantown recently completed work with a team of consultants to prepare a redevelopment plan for our historic downtown district. We have appreciated everyone's participation and support during the consulting team's effort to learn about the City of Germantown and the downtown area specifically.

At this time, we are pleased to inform the community that the final draft has been completed and is available for download. The plan provides an overview of the goals, processes, and an implementation matrix. This matrix includes 23 initiatives recommended by the consultants to assist the city, property owners, businesses, and community stakeholders with organizing activities to assist in the redevelopment of downtown.

City staff is already working on several of the initiatives and others will be contingent on funding and staff/volunteer resources. The plan outlines a long-term approach that is achievable if time, resources and talents are dedicated to complete the 23 initiatives. Therefore, the City seeks continued support from both public and private entities in Germantown so that we can all work together to revitalize our community.